About Us


Come and check-in!

The Check-In is about more than wine & cocktails…

It’s about connection, conversation and learning about the world and people through a local perspective. It’s a place to establish and maintain personal connections with other guests, owners and staff. A place to celebrate the Bay Area’s contribution to wine and world culture. It offers guests the opportunity to browse, be curious, ask questions and appreciate that the world of wine & cocktails is as diverse as we all are.

A friendly ear and a tasty libation will always be ready for you when you check-in.

“It might be that a corner bar plays a more important role in keeping a community happy than one might think. The research shows that those who have a drink in a local bar are “significantly” happier, have more friends, better life satisfaction, and are less likely to drink to excess.”

Oxford University, 2016

201 Ocean Ave
San Francisco, CA 94112